Quik-Shor - World Leaders in Trench Safety
Pre-Assembled, Pre-Engineered vertical systems are quick and easy. Because they are light weight most shores can be handled by a single person, thus providing increased productivity. The fact is, in most situations, you can shore a trench as fast as your excavator can open the trench.
Vertical Aluminum Shores
Vertical Aluminum Shores - Rail Lengths
Vertical Aluminum Shores - Cylinder Sizes
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Quik-Pump - Power-Pump - Finger Guard - Rock Guard
Above ground installation provides job safety.

Cylinder Extension Kits.

Over- sleeve protection for Cylinders.

Finger Guards to eliminate hand and finger injury.

Rock Guards to improve productivity and reduce shore damage.

Light weight construction offers increased production due to ease of handling. 

Easily transported.

Portable hand pump and power pump use biodegradable shoring fluid.

Installation and removal tools.

Hydraulic manifolds available on
12’, 16’, 20’ and 24’ rails.

All Quik-Shores are available
mounted with plywood. Plywood has handles for ease of use and reinforced corners for strength and durability.
Professional Engineer Tabulated Data that meets all OSHA Standards.
Vertical Aluminum Shores, manufactured by Quik-Shor
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